What’s A City Mom To Do?


How to cure Toddler Condo-itis in Boston

by guest blogger  Kristin Quinn, Author of “Misadventures in Mommyhood: The Truth & Nothing But The Truth (so PLEASE help me God!).”  Kristin’s daughter, “Little Miss P” is 16 months old.  Read more about their adventures at www.misadventuresinmommyhood.com

You’ve just picked your head up from playing Horsey and realized you can’t see your hardwood floor underneath the blocks, pots, pans, and puzzle pieces.  Your arms start to shake from the 20 rounds of itsy bitsy spider when the walls start to cave in.  Sounds like it’s time to strap your toddler in their stroller and get out.  There are so many wonderful things to do with kids in Boston, many of which are unknown because mothers are too busy to put on deodorant let alone truck kids around the city to find entertainment.

Here are some of my favorite little city gems to cure toddler condo-itis:

The Museum of Science Infant Room & Butterfly Garden
1 Museum Of Science Driveway Boston, Next to NorthPoint

The Infant Room features lots of little tunnels to climb in and out of as well as different discovery stations for little ones. There is a huge stuffed bear that Little Miss P could play with and jump on forever and a water station at the perfect level to play pretend boats.  Make sure to grab the conveniently placed smock behind the water table.  The Butterfly Garden is extra but it’s worth it.  It’s a small room with 100’s of butterflies flying all around.  One may even land on your toddler’s nose if you’re lucky. Bonus: the flowers and fish make for excellent toddler conversation.

NorthPoint Water Park & Playground
I LOVE this playground nestled in between Cambridge and Charlestown. It’s truly an oasis in the city for kids.

Charlestown Yoga Family Yoga Classes
191 Main Street, Charlestown
Sundays starting September  16th 4-5pm
Sundays around 4pm seem to be the “witching hour” at our house.  Check out Family Yoga at the studio for an hour of fun with your child (you can even bring Hubby). For mobile children and their caretakers (mom, dad, grandparents, you name it).  Participate with your kids as they turn into favorite animals and objects: Cat, Cow, Dolphin, Tree, Mountain, Triangle, etc. Learn the meaning of Sanskrit words like “OM” and “Namaste”, create Mala Art and learn poses to do together at home! The whole family is invited to this fun and playful one hour class with musician and certified kids yoga teacher, Colleen Kleya of BlissKids Yoga. Purchase online in advance or at the studio.  $16/adult, $8/kid.  No yoga experience necessary.

Children’s Museum of Boston
308 Congress Street, Boston
No duh.  But check out the included-with-admission-price “Music & Movement” class put on by the folks of Baby Wiggles on Wednesdays from 11-11:45am on the second floor.

Babycakes of Charlestown – New!
330 Main Street, Charlestown
Catering to the many young families of Charlestown and its surrounding communities, BabyCakes of Charlestown offers classes for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and young children to help them reach developmental milestones. New mom and dad support groups and classes are also offered as are play group activities and birthday parties.

The Rose Kennedy Greenway: Water Sprinklers & Carousel Rides
If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.
Two months ago we tried putting Little Miss P on a carousel horse but she screamed bloody murder. When we tried again a couple of weeks ago, she was skeptical at best, holding on for dear life:
Seriously, Mom?  

But once the carousel made a full circle, she was loving life, holding on with only hand and blowing kisses to adoring fans with the other.

Granary Tavern
170 Milk  Street, Boston
Not exactly a place for kids, granted, but definitely kid-friendly.  The owners must be parents.  Instead of handing out crayons to kids (which inevitably get dipped in butter and eaten) they give out Etch-A-Sketches.  Brilliant.  Because you can’t easily eat an Etch-A-Sketch and it keeps them entertained for much longer than crayons and paper.   Plus they actually have real snack food for kids.  Forgo the fried chicken fingers and nasty hot dogs for veggies and pretzels with hummus or a fruit bowl at this new establishment across from the Greenway.

The New England Aquarium Curious George Discovery Corner
1 Central Wharf, Boston *See Condo Concierge for discounts*
Insider Tip: Go at 9am and you’ll own the place.
The New England Aquarium has a small alcove room – dubbed the Curious George Discovery Corner – where young children can go to play, get a private view of the Aquarium’s giant ocean tank, and learn more about the wonders of the sea from the Aquarium staff. If you need help on the writing side of things, Grammarly is there to help. On Friday mornings from 10am to noon the Aquarium offers activities especially for families with young children.

Legal Seafood Harborside
270 Northern Avenue, Boston
On weekends from 11am -1pm, kids under 12 are invited to try “catch and release” fishing in their lobby trout pond.  Grab an afternoon drink at the bar and maybe pop in an oyster or two while your child watches this free-for-all event.

Worth the hike:

Mama and Me
284 Amory St, Jamaica Plain
Classes designed for parents to engage in their child’s learning experience, drop-off based classes to help children gain autonomy, and open playtime where families can play together.

Franklin Park Zoo
One Franklin Park Road, Boston
Endless animal entertainment with no need to worry about finding a natural flea killer or the likes once you’re done!

Inside Playground
100 Parker Street, Watertown
A kid’s dream

Last but not least, check out THE PINK LIST
The best boutiques and services around Boston (many of which are on this list)… At up to 30% off.  Join for only $6.25 a month.
Plus, they just added Bella Sante to their list of merchants and I don’t know about you but this Horsey sure could use a massage.

Family Yoga Events


As summer is winding down, it’s time to get the family back into school mode.  What a great way to focus and exercise together- with Family Yoga at Charlestown Yoga!

On September 9th, make sure to check out the free Positive Parenting Talk! See the flyer:  Stretch What Matters

Or for more info go to www.Charlestownyoga.com

For normal yoga packages, don’t forget about the NorthPoint resident special!


Join in on the conversation and be part of our NorthPoint Social community:





NorthPoint Development News


NorthPoint Gaining Momentum

The NorthPoint development has been in the press recently as it seems the developers are getting closer to revealing big news.  We know the new development team consisting of The HYM Investment Group, Canyon-Johnson Urban Funds, Atlas Capital and PanAm Railways has been working hard (with the community and quietly out of the press) to keep the project moving forward.  We are excited of the new prospect and can’t wait for more information!

According to this Boston Globe article, the new apartment tower is still slated for a late 2012/ Early 2013 groundbreaking.

Read more about the apartment tower and future plans at Boston.com

According to this article from The Boston Business Journal titled “Riding Kendall’s Coattails” NorthPoint has been a hot contender for tenants looking to build new Headquarters in East Cambridge.

“Northpoint is a finalist for two build-to-suit tenants, and there will be a decision by summer’s end. “We need a big deal to kick off a building,” Flaherty conceded. “But the project is definitely now on everybody’s radar screen, and if they’re a good-sized requirement, they’re going to look at Northpoint.””

An apartment tower and even one new company building will really kick-off the site.  Include new neighborhood additions such as the NorthPoint pedestrian / bike bridge and Skate Park (2013 completion date) and there are a lot of reasons to be excited about our neighborhood!

Charlestown Yoga Special


Speaking of connecting to Charlestown…..

Did you know that the NorthPoint neighborhood covers 45 acres in 3 different cities?  Cambridge, Somerville and Boston (Charlestown).  With the highway barriers, we sometimes forget that Charlestown is not only close-by, but actually on the NorthPoint development site! The new pedestrian and cyclist access via the North Bank Bridge will help to strengthen the NorthPoint – Charlestown connection.  Also, the Gilmore Bridge gives direct access for cars and pedestrians to the heart of Main Street in Charlestown within 5 – 10 minutes.

One of our favorite stops (and closest) is Charlestown Yoga on Main Street.  This studio is the closest to NorthPoint and we are happy to have such a wonderful neighbor!  The studio has a welcoming environment with friendly instructors.

****Special for NorthPoint Residents****

10% off 5, 10 and 20 class cards. 

Order online (use drop down menu to search for “NORTHPOINT CONDO DISCOUNT”) or stop in the studio.  Bring proof of residence for either purchase option.

The studio has classes for every level.  They also increased their offerings, adding new classes like baby yoga and more hot yoga classes.  We are excited for Yoga on the deck, held on Thursdays at 6:15pm throughout the summer.

To learn more about Charlestown Yoga see their site:  CharlestownYoga.com

“Charlestown Yoga offers something for everyone, new students to advanced. We feature a warm and inviting space in addition to a finished outdoor area for classes. Our teachers have a rich background from many different yoga traditions giving our students ample opportunity to grow and deepen their practice. Our main classes include Vinyasa Flow, Power, Hot, Restorative, and Beginners, but look for special classes, workshops and trunk show events throughout the year.”